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99 problems hat hair ain't one!

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Chocolate Vegan Suede Satin Lined Hat


Olive Canvas Satin Lined Hat


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The Tress Hat for curly hair is actually so genius

A hat that won't flatten curly hair exists, so please hold while we throw our others away

Tress is basically a hat version of a little black dress. It’s sleek, goes with any outfit, and is an instant closet staple.

The miracle product that manes full of kinks, coils, and spirals always needed.

This hat will help you slay, even on bad hair days.

Our Beliefs

Your hair texture is beautiful and deserves a hat that will nourish & protect it

Protect Your Crown

We've invented a one-of-a-kind baseball hat designed to fit comfortably AND provide all-day protection!

Satin Lined

Eliminate frizz + NO breakage

Built-in Elastics

No hair elastics needed. Keep your hair off your neck in the perfect ponytail.

Made For Us

Our promise it to protect your crown. We love seeing you shine!