What Is My Hat Size?


Never measured the size of your head before, no worries, we got you!

What you will need:  a cloth tape measure, someone to help assist you to ensure accuracy. We suggest using a metric ruler and measuring your head in CM helps.  



1. Use your cloth measuring tape and place it around your curls (preferably on day 2 or 3)  and head over the furthest part on the back of your head, this is called your occipital bone. 

2. Bring the measuring tape around to the front of your head, around 5 mm above your ears and position it in the centre of your forehead.


What does the tape read? Check it. Make sure when measuring the tape is pressed on your texture to get the sizing of your head, and it is not too loose or too tight. If in between sizes like some of us are,  especially with our texture, we suggest going up in size. Keep in mind, your fit will differ depending on your head size and texture size of that day. For example, if you're on day 1 curls versus day 4 curls, the hat will fit differently.
TRESS Sizing:

(KIDS only in *MESH currently) 54.5 CM. This is our Children's size and Size small size for finer, wavier hair textures

(S/M) 58 CM

(M/L) 59.5 CM. 

**TRESS MESH [sizing differs from other fabrics]

(S) 54.5

(M) 58CM

(L) 59.5


Self Love Note:

Find what fit you like and love it. There isn't "the perfect fit" mold at TRESS. What do you like? Do you want it to be tight and fitted, or a little room to to let your beautiful texture breathe? Find the size that makes you happy and wear it happily. A tighter fit may work for the active, running on the go person – think running or beach days. A looser fitting hat is more comfortable, chill feels.