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LOVE IT! I’ve got a new look!

I was very Excited to receive my hat, and I love it! It looks great on it is easy to pull your ponytail through and it is a very cute look! The only thing I wish is that the front band were also satin, as I have thinning hair in the very front and it would be nice to have it more protected.


I’ve found every excuse to wear this hat since receiving it. I love it!! Randomly took Easter photos & im actually loving the way this hat allows my hair to be free without a hair tie.

Such a cute beanie

As a curly haired girl, I wasn’t able to wear a beanie unless I committed to keeping it on until wash day. The satin lining helps keep my hair frizz free. It still flattens it a bit but I’m able to fluff it out. Nice to have a beanie I can wear and take off when I want to.

Chocolate Vegan Suede

The hat your curls need!

Before I discovered Tress I loved the look of baseball hats but hated wearing them because they’d smush and ruin my curls. The high crown, satin lining and elastic back have been such a game changer that I now have 3 of them! Whether it’s taming my crazy curls or my thick straight hair they’ve quickly become my go-to accessory to protect and maintain my hair when I’m on the go. I also love being outside and knowing that a visor isn’t my only option now is such a good feeling. Can’t wait to get more for summer!


This is the first hat I’ve ever had that has been able to fit all of my crazy curls and I’m obsessed! So obsessed, that I currently have 3 and will be adding to my collect for this summer’s outside activities. Besides coming in various sizes to fit your head/hair needs these hats are great because you don’t even need a hair tie. All I do is pull my hair back, pull it through the elastic hole and I’m ready to go. For me, this has been a game changer because it means no more curl creases! Sometimes I even put them on while I’m doing stuff around the house instead of using a scrunchie because I know that I can wear my hat all day and when I take it off my curls still look great. I also have to mention the awesome customer service! When I had an issue with one of the hats they responded quickly, were friendly and very helpful. And, if you’re hesitant because of the price all I can say is don’t be! Between the quality, satin lining, high crown & large elastic hole in the back it’s worth every penny to both protect & maintain your hair while still looking cute🙌🏽 For reference, I have a S/M

Worth Every Penny

Curl Friends these hats are amazing, they fit perfect and every time I wear them I get compliments!!! THE BEST HATS EVER


I just bought my second one. I wore out the elastics on my first one that I had for over 4 years.

Mesh hat

The mesh hat that I been using to workout a lot it works great. This is first time in a long time I can actually wear hat and my hair doesn't mess up. I live in Florida and need something that keep up in heat so far it work great!


This hat is adorable and doesn't make my curls frizz at all! I got a big chop right before winter hit and have been struggling to figure out how to keep my ears warm in hats without messing up my curls--this is perfect!


The hat was fab!!
Great fit


This beanie is a great concept, but honestly it’s too small. I wouldn’t even say I have big hair, but it’s quite tight and doesn’t have much room.


I love that hat is lined in silk which is great for my curly hair. The problem is the size is S/M.
You need to make it with adjustable or one S and one M. We all don’t have the thickness when hair is shorter.


Perfect hat! Can’t wait to wear it!!!

Love love love!!

Love my hats! Can’t wait to order more!

Absolutely love , need new colors!

I absolutely love this hat. I wear it all the time when I leave my house. I live in FL & it's still comfy & not too warm. They definitely need more colors though!

So Sexy!

This is such a sexy hat. It can be dressed up or down. I purchased the L/XL and it was way too big so I gave it to my daughter who hasn’t taken off. I can’t wait until this Black Vegan Leather hat is back in stock!!!

Black Mesh

This is the best hat ever!!! It protects my hair and breathes well so I don’t overheat. Guess I’ll be going broke buying all the different styles.

Great quality.... fit may vary

These hats are really constructed with great fabric and stitching. The fit was a little too big in the upper front part.

Excellent choice

I absolutely love this hat. I thought it wouldn’t fit my head because I have Sistetlocs but I was WRONG! The hat fits and is VERY comfortable!! THAN YOU!!!


actually this hat not only is amazing for curly hair is amazing for all hair. Man, Women .My husband my brother love it as well. What i love the most is the The silk lining the elastic built in scrunchie is so convenient and it will not mess your curls after having it on all day !Definitely worth every penny and some.


This hat is AMAZING!!! The quality is perfection. The look is sexy and can be worn dressed up or down. I love this hat. Only one issue was the size. I have a big head but the L/XL is too big so I gave it to my daughter who usually can’t find hats to fit her big head. She hasn’t gone a day without wearing it since I gave it to her. Please get the S/M back in stock so I can order another!!!

in love.

I have a huge head of hair paired with a big head and usually don't even bother trying to find a hat that fits because they usually don't. I actually LOVE this hat (mesh size large!). Its comfortable, it fits perfectly, looks great, and the satin-lining is such a plus. Would definitely recommend!

Good quality

I really like the hat. This is the second I’ve bought. My first one was a L/XL and was too big. So, I got a S/M this time and although it fits much better than the last, I wish it were just a tad more snug around my ears and temples. Good quality though!

Top notch, excellent quality!

Top notch, excellent quality! I love and appreciate that my curls are protected, while staying hassle-free stylish.