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Olive Canvas
Too big

I love the way this hat looks, but it was way too big for my small melon


I like my hat. I would've love it in the Suede material but the leather is good quality too. The L/XL is roomy for people with lot if hair or if the have a large head. It has a nice stretch at the back. I wanted to try the medium size but they took too long to respond to my email about returning the hate and exchanging it.

Not shipped, not received

I can’t comment as I haven’t received the item. It hasn’t shipped yet. I don’t mind waiting but it’s nice to know the time frame.

Second Tress hat and loving it!

This is my second hat from Tress and there’s no orher brand that fits me like this one. I have a lot of hair and this is the only hat that holds it without issues while my curls are protected from frizz and sun. I mostly use it for outdoors all the time, and i even use my suede one for pool and beach. Best!

Olive Canvas

Olive Canvas

Hat beloved by hair

Before Tress, I only wore hats when I was having a bad hair day since the hat would likely make my hair look worse once I took it off. However Tress changed the hat game! The fit is perfect, my hair is saved and can easily transition when I take it off, AND my ponytail looks absolutely beautiful cascading from the hat. Well done - new loyal customer here!

Cranberry Vegan Leather
Merisa Parchment Parchment
Love it

It’s the perfect hat for my curly hair
I love this hat so much thanks


This is my go to hat for summer. Great for wearing during long walks.


Love this hat. I usually wear it when I’m running errands or walking outside. It is comfortable and fits me well (which is a big deal because I struggle to find hats that fit my large head). Highly recommend.

love the look, not always the feel

i really am a fan of the look of this hat! the tan leather is beautiful. but after even an hour of wear it, it’s super uncomfortable for my forehead if i wear it any lower than the pic, & lower is where i’d normally have it. but i often have to push it up higher than i’d prefer in order to take breaks from the discomfort. maybe it’s the leather making a stiff bill line with no give, maybe my goodess locs head is too big for it 🤷🏾‍♀️

nice cap

the cap is made well and a good alternative to a baseball cap. i bought the large and its to big, not sure about exchanges being it's a cap. may be a good idea to measure your head prior to purchase. but overall a nice cute cap and material is good quality. worth the money and nice to support a small business.

Blue Canvas
Sarah Franklin

Thank you so much for creating a hat that actually fits my daughter’s full head of curly hair! She loves it and feels so stylish!

2-In-1 Beanie
Angela Pease

2-In-1 Beanie

Black Mesh
Worth it!

This hat is worth purchasing! Not only is it flattering, but it protects the curls!

Red Hat

I actually bought this for my mom to surprise her she loved it. Red is actually her favorite color and I new brand was really good from my own personal experiences since I bought to two hats before.

Need every color and style!

Bought this to just try out and I’m obsessed. The hat fits so well but not too tight so when you let your curls back out no hat ring and the elastic to fit your hair through for a built in ponytail just works. Bonus= You will look super cute rocking this hat

Beautiful and well made!

Love my scrunchie. Can't wait to buy more. Would love to get in a smaller size as well for when my hair is short. Thank you!

Olive Canvas
Colleen Sepulveda
The only hat for me

I teach people to ride motorcycles so I’m outdoors all day. I’ve got a lot of hats but I didn’t wear any of them...until now. I love the feel of the olive canvas. It doesn’t squash my hair flat and keeps my curls out of my face. I highly recommend the Tress hats. I love the satin lining 💕

Love this - so easy

The color is great. I have long 4A hair, and it's so easy with this hat. My favorite part is that it's actually cute, not "well, cute enough for something that actually works."

The best hat ever

I am hispanic with curly hair. When I wear my hair lose, the hat fits perfect, when I wear it in a pony tail, it fits a little lose, but it still looks amazing. My entire life I have struggled putting my pony tail through the hole on the back of the hat, and it makes the hair on my crown all messy. With these elastics, it soooooo easy! I will definitely be buying other colors.

LOVE IT! I’ve got a new look!

I was very Excited to receive my hat, and I love it! It looks great on it is easy to pull your ponytail through and it is a very cute look! The only thing I wish is that the front band were also satin, as I have thinning hair in the very front and it would be nice to have it more protected.

Black Mesh
Nikeshia Losongco

I’ve found every excuse to wear this hat since receiving it. I love it!! Randomly took Easter photos & im actually loving the way this hat allows my hair to be free without a hair tie.

2-In-1 Beanie
Jennifer Rosa
Such a cute beanie

As a curly haired girl, I wasn’t able to wear a beanie unless I committed to keeping it on until wash day. The satin lining helps keep my hair frizz free. It still flattens it a bit but I’m able to fluff it out. Nice to have a beanie I can wear and take off when I want to.

Olive Canvas
Kelsey Bridges
The hat your curls need!

Before I discovered Tress I loved the look of baseball hats but hated wearing them because they’d smush and ruin my curls. The high crown, satin lining and elastic back have been such a game changer that I now have 3 of them! Whether it’s taming my crazy curls or my thick straight hair they’ve quickly become my go-to accessory to protect and maintain my hair when I’m on the go. I also love being outside and knowing that a visor isn’t my only option now is such a good feeling. Can’t wait to get more for summer!

Black Vegan Leather
Kelsey Bridges

This is the first hat I’ve ever had that has been able to fit all of my crazy curls and I’m obsessed! So obsessed, that I currently have 3 and will be adding to my collect for this summer’s outside activities. Besides coming in various sizes to fit your head/hair needs these hats are great because you don’t even need a hair tie. All I do is pull my hair back, pull it through the elastic hole and I’m ready to go. For me, this has been a game changer because it means no more curl creases! Sometimes I even put them on while I’m doing stuff around the house instead of using a scrunchie because I know that I can wear my hat all day and when I take it off my curls still look great. I also have to mention the awesome customer service! When I had an issue with one of the hats they responded quickly, were friendly and very helpful. And, if you’re hesitant because of the price all I can say is don’t be! Between the quality, satin lining, high crown & large elastic hole in the back it’s worth every penny to both protect & maintain your hair while still looking cute🙌🏽 For reference, I have a S/M