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Meet Laticia Rolle, the visionary behind Tress Hats—an actress, esteemed athlete, and visionary entrepreneur. Frustrated by the absence of hair accessories, particularly baseball hats, designed for textured hair, Laticia embarked on a mission to revolutionize headwear. Her journey began in her formative years as an athlete, where she faced the dilemma of straightening or brushing her curls to don a baseball hat. Determined to preserve her natural texture, Laticia pioneered the first Tress prototype in 2015, recognizing the shared need among her friends. Two years later, she unveiled the patented Tress fitted hat for curls, igniting a phenomenon from her humble business hub in the second bedroom. Tress swiftly captivated the industry's gaze, earning acclaim from renowned publications like Allure, Essence, and Popsugar. Influential beauty bloggers such as Jess from Mahogany Curls and Bianca Renee embraced Tress, solidifying its status as the quintessential baseball hat for every curl type.


At Tress Hats, our passion is your hair's health and beauty. We meticulously craft hair accessories designed to nurture and protect your precious locks. We understand the dedication and effort you invest in your hair, which is why our mission is to elevate your beauty with accessories that are not just functional but also exude style.

Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize hair care with satin-lined products featuring unique, functional elements that combat breakage, tame frizz, and maintain optimal moisture levels across every texture. We are committed to ensuring your hair remains stunningly beautiful—because your beauty deserves nothing less than perfection!


Tress is dedicated to crafting innovative products that empower you to fully embrace and celebrate your natural beauty. Keep radiating your unique brilliance—because at Tress, we recognize and honor your luminous essence!

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