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Based on 114 reviews
Black Vegan Leather
Anthony Thompson
I love this hat

I’m ordering some more with different colors

Olive Canvas
Alicia Greene
Best Fit Ever!!!

I have never had a baseball hat fit like this!! I’m definitely getting another one.

Blue Canvas
Kenita Tynes
Just buy it already!!!!

I love this hat!!!! Beautifully made and a perfect color for summer. Love the fact that it comes in different sizes so us girls with larger heads can rock a puff ponytail and hat. Easy to just throw on and go on those days you don’t feel like styling your hair and still look polished. Definitely a must have!!!

Olive Canvas
Veronica J.
Finally a Hat Large Enough!!

Love!!!! It’s SO hard finding a hat that fits my head and hair. I bought the L/XL size and it works great for my more voluminous head of curly hair (3b curls that go past my shoulder) It’s comfy and I have received several compliments already.
They are larger hats so if normal baseball caps fit you, then this may not be the best for you.

Olive Canvas
Brandy F
Incredible for very curly hair

I have very curly, fine hair, and normally putting on a hat means that I will have to wash my hair to get rid of the frizz (or keep wearing the hat forever!). This hat is a major game changer. It has the same kind of interior that my bonnet has, and the elastics in the back make it so easy to pull my hair back without ruining the curl. Loose enough that I can fit all of my hair under without looking like sideshow bob … :)

Blue Canvas
Alexia Cato
Yes yes and yes

Does it fit my head? Yes. Does it fit my head AND my curls? Yes! Do I get compliments all the time with this hat? YES! Buy one!

Black Mesh
Jared Brooks
Great product

The hat is a great, but it's much smaller than the leather versions.

Gorgeous hat

Glad I looked at the reviews before buying. My measurements lined up with the L/XL but went with the S/M since it stretches and I'm glad I did. It fits perfectly even over my protective styles.

Love it!

This is the best hat I own and the ONLY hat I own that fully fits over my hair when it’s out in all its glory. I have a lot of hair and ordered a size L to make sure it all fit and it’s perfect. $45 seemed like a lot for a hat but wow it is worth it. I’ll be wearing this thing for years and will probably be buying more.

Black Mesh
Trell Jones
Mesh Hat

I have locs and it definitely fits over my hair. I love the ponytail holders. I wish it was longer on the sides though like the denim one I ordered. It definitely does what it says it does.

Gunmetal Vegan Suede
Rebecca Jackson
Lovely hat

This hat is wonderful! First, i appreciate that it fits my head! All those "one size fits all" hats do not fit my head, regardless of my hair. Secondly, the elastic in the back is so nice to get your hair thru the hole. Thirdly, the satin inside is so nice, my cheeks don't get all frizzy! And fourthly, i really like the color and the suede. It's really soft

2-In-1 Beanie
Nina Podolska
Comfiest beanie ever

So cool and feels really good and warm on my head.


I ordered the gun metal & vegan black hats. I’ve asked “Santa” for the black mesh and wish there were more colors in the “mesh” and “suede” hats. A perfect Christmas red suede or mesh hat would be AWESOME! White? Navy Blue? Why stop there? I wear one almost every day. The L/XL fits my big curly head perfectly. It’s a flattering shape, satin lined, and when you take it off…no hat hair! Love LOVE love, THANK YOU!!!

Too big

The hat is good quality but it's pretty big for a "small" size. It looks a bit goofy on me and I can't return it now. :(

Cute, but too big for my average size head

I ordered the vegan suede in a small. The hat was too big, it hung over my ears and gapped at the temples. I ended up giving it away to my curly friend who normally has to wear bigger hats. I get the concept, but snapbacks just work better for me. It would be cool if you could create a snapback hat with a larger hole for the curls.

Black Vegan Leather
millana Millana Snow
The best hat, just size down.

The hat is great! I wear with curly hair and braids. You might want to size down and you’ll be good to go!

Black Mesh
G Snow
Favorite Hat

This by FAR the BEST hat I have ever owned!! My ponytail sits perfectly when I wear this hat (even better than it does when I use a scrunchie).

I’m Cute in this Hat!!!

I absolutely love this hat. My curls were protected and I swear it aged me in reverse.

Cranberry Vegan Leather

Best hat ever

This hat looks fantastic and treats my curls tenderly. I have a surgery scar on my scalp and this is the first baseball cap ever that doesn't pull on it. Very happy and I'll definitely buy more!

Blue Canvas
Love My New Hat!

I love my Tress Blue Canvas hat! It fit well, the color’s great, it was comfortable after hours of wearing it and most of all, when I took the hat off, my curls were still bouncy and shiny.

Black Vegan Leather
Caitlyn Adams
Vegan Leather Black Cap

I have been searching for a cpa that would both fit my big head and my big curly hair while protecting it with satin lining!!! Thank you so much for making such caps!!!

Black Vegan Leather
Faith Brown

Love the hat. Got large and fits perfectly.

2-In-1 Beanie
Olivia Lynes
Love the concept!

I love the concept of the hat/cap but even the small was way to large for me. I wish there was an XS option. But I’m obsessed with the beanie!!


Perfect so cute!! Will for sure get more!! But maybe not suede next time. Not ideal or all types of weather!