Lynnie Scrunchie

Cute, fun and functional — and very exclusive. Finally, a scrunchie made for our texture! —How many scrunchies have you snapped trying to fit all of your hair in? Lol!

A handmade crocheted scrunchie with velour yarn, designed with an 18 inch hair elastic, doubled up to hold our texture! 

Profits from each Lynnie sold goes directly to my aunt who makes each one lovingly by hand just like she has for me for years.

-Laticia Rolle, Founder & CEO
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Limited Quantities Available


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Handmade Hair Elastics

My auntie Lynn has always been my favorite. She was born three months early, a three pound preemie miracle. Full of life and love, my aunt works at Walmart and comes home to crochet me and the rest of her nieces scrunchies because we needed some for our hair. One day I thought, why don’t we share your scrunchies with our Tress squad and she smiled, with her glasses low and her head nodding as always. So from out heart, to your hair, LYNNIES.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The perfect Accessory

I absolutely love them! They are so perfect for my hair! I will definitely be buying more very soon!

Love the look but not the thick band

I really like the color and crochet but the elastic band is just a little too thick and tight. Would love it the band was thinner and could double tie around my hair.

Love Lynnies

This was the perfect gift


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