Kids Black Mesh

By popular demand, we've created Tress Mesh kids, sized just right for our beautiful children with textured hair. It's the perfect hat for our active, fun loving kids to protect their beautiful Tress!

Tress is the hat designed to fit your texture just the way it is. No more straightening or damaging your hair's texture.

Our Kid's hat only comes in one size, 54.5 CM. For larger sizes check out our Black Mesh Hat


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Why Tress

It's designed to fit and protect your natural hair

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Elastic Closure

Tress comes with three built-in elastics that make it easy to pull your hair into the perfect ponytail.

Satin Lined

Lined with a silky interior that diminishes hat hair and protects your texture.

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Structured Crown

Our high crown design with 6 structured panels gives your natural hair all the space it needs.


Tired of damaged hair?

Or maybe you've just given up on hats completely. Well you don't have to anymore! We've reimagined the baseball cap to fit and protect your curls.

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Tress is the hat made specifically for your curls!

With built in elastic bands, premium satin lining, and a high, structured crown to carefully house your hair. Tress prevents hat hair and protects your texture.

*Due to the uniqueness of your curls, please view our size chart before ordering. Tress hats come in multiple sizes so you can ensure the perfect fit.

Them: How do you fit all your hair in that hat?? 


Never measured the size of your head before, no worries, we got you!

What you need: A cloth tape measure and (optional) someone to assist you. Measure in CM.

Step 1. Wrap the measuring tape around your curls (preferably on day 2 or 3) and over the furthest point on the back of your head.

Step 2. Bring the ends of the measuring tape to the center of your forehead, around 5 mm above your ears and check the measurement.

Step 3. The tape measure should match the tightness of your ideal hat. If in between sizes, we suggest going up in size. 

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Self love note—

Find what type of fit like - loose, tight, or just right. There isn't "the perfect fit" mold at TRESS. Find the size that makes you happy and feels comfy. For example, a tighter fit may work for the active runner or on the go person, whereas, a more loose fit works for a more chill, day 5 wash feels. Whatever works for you, do that. Tress gots you covered.

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