TRESS meaning; a long lock of woman's hair, is made by women of textured hair, for women with textured hair.  

“It was always a struggle finding a baseball hat that fit, looked good and not always forced onto my curls. The biggest issue was taking the hat off and seeing how horrible my curls looked afterwards. TRESS solves all of these problems! The satin lining preserves my curls, while the built in hair elastics provides me with the perfect ponytail. I love wearing TRESS on the go, with leave in conditioner underneath and for those days my curls get a little crazy I wear TRESS as a protective, stylish style,” TRESS founder Laticia Rolle.

 TRESS is determined to solve this issue most women with textured hair face and to create a functional hat that is protective and stylish. With a focus on solving a functional everyday hair issues and a passion for women embracing who they are. TRESS is, That Hat for US.